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Custom Neon Signs Melbourne by HS&N – the Best Quality

Our company builds and services the best illuminated signs in Melbourne. Actually, at Hawthorn Signs & Neon we are custom neon signs Melbourne specialists. We can assure you that our company will make your illuminated signs of any size and design with pleasure!

Being proud of our quality and the commitment to you as a client, we are keen on providing you with the best quality neon signs in the most timely manner. Custom neon signs are a great way to add interest and color to your place or brand. Sometimes illuminated signs in Melbourne also supplement a place with a specific party or retro feeling.

Our Goal and Commitment

HS&N aim is to meet your most stringent deadline and budget. Look through our portfolio and see how diverse and exciting are the projects we have worked with. We brought neon to openly exposed purposes, pelmet lighting, fabricated letters or lightboxes. Some of them were of multiple or specific colors flashing creating unique effects and exposure.

Our custom neon signs Melbourne consist of only the best products available. When we make your idea come true, we keep your safety and level of service in mind. Moreover, if there is a force majeure and your sign breaks down or crashes, we will be around to fix it for you immediately.

The Blow Good Hustle Red Neon
The Blow Good Hustle Neon Feature Sign

Outstanding Custom Neon Signs Melbourne – Order Today

Take a look at the images of the works we have completed and then give us a call on 9480 0366 to arrange an on-site consultation with our delightful staff.

We truly feel the power to meet all your specific requirements concerning illuminated signs Melbourne. Basing on our skills and experience, we can deal with any order of custom neon signs in Melbourne. Give us a call or send us an e-mail today!

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