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3D Fabricated Letter Specialists – Melbourne

HS&N Signs are 3d fabricated letter specialists manufacturing fabricated letters from Acrylic,, Aluminium, Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters, wood to be finished in 2 pack, powdercoat or any finish of choice requested.

Fabricated letters are a great way to stand out from the crowd, displaying well fabricated 3D letters outside your apartment development or workplace! We, at HS & N in Melbourne, fabricate a huge variety of custom 3D lettering.

Whether you dream of acrylic, stainless steel, rounded or any other type of 3D letters, the possibilities are endless. 3D fabricated letters can be embedded in outdoor buildings, entrance doorways and walls to give your business that little bit of extra personality and style.

Great as reception signage, these 3D fabricated lettering can be illuminated with multiple colors fixed on a wall for a larger than life company logo.

They can be halo lit by neon and leds or reverse manufactured channel letters with exposed neon for great retro effect and feel. or introducing our now new product LED Neo. All have there own characteristics and qualities as well as 3d Custom fabricated letters we can supply and manufacture moulded acrylic signs and logos.

Night Market Letters
Night Market Letters

The possibilities are endless with 3d fabricated letters, have a look at our images here and give us a call to discuss your choice  and to consult on your requirements. We are only too happy to consult and work out the best option for you to produce your image to great effect. Contact us now via email  https://hsnsigns.com.au/contacts/ or Phone: (03) 9480 0366